It was a pleasure participating in Konooz fine art auction, especially with it being in the heart of London, where it created a bridge and a strong bond between the east and the west clarifying the the Arabic culture and its depth, showing the real true image of our society to the west creating a beautiful, meaningful and accurate impression to the world. Real dedication and effort was put in to organize such event from the manager and owner the fantastic Zainab AlFarhan Alimam with the collaboration of the dear artist Ihsan Al Khateeb- intra craft gallery- that planned and organized the event with such love and dedication.
– Amal Al Athem, Qatari Artist 2017

It was with great pleasure to hear from you with the news that The Women’s Council will receive the sum of £512.00 from the 3rd Konooz Fine Art Auction which was held recently.
It will help us to sponsor a few more ladies to go on the Course in Mumbai.
Thanks so much for your generous contributions to The Women’s Council work.
– Women Council, 3rd Konooz Fine Art auction London 2017

Thank you very much indeed for your very kind donation of your artwork at the Konooz Fine Art Auction London 2017, which helped to raise a fantastic £512 for WellChild.

Your very generous gift will help us to fund more WellChild Nurses to help children like Rhys to be cared for at home instead of spending long periods of time in hospital.
– Wellchild, 3rd Konooz Fine Art auction London 2017

Congratulations – what a wonderful day you organised today – a magnificent Fashion Show together with delicious canapes and drinks. Thank you very much. The Fashions were beautiful and very wearable for virtually all age groups, which rarely happens at Fashion Shows.

Again very many thanks for your generous hospitality and in particular thank you for the excellent fund raising opportunity for The Women’s Council. We are most grateful.

No doubt you will a few days of rest to recover from all the hard work preparing for this day.
– Gerda the TWC Vice Chairman, Ziryab Fashion Show 2016

It gives us immense happiness to say that we experienced a wonderful fashion show.

Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to display our SS 17 Menswear collection at Ziryab Fashion show Sep 15th 2016. We appreciate all the hard work put in by you and your team to make this show a grand success.

We would like to continue this prestigious relationship with you and you esteemed organisation and be a part of the wonderful work you been doing all the way in near future. Thanking you once more for this wonderful event. We wish WGSF all the best & success for there future events.
– Chandan Gandhi from The Maroon Suit I TMS, Ziryab Fashion Show 2016

Would like to thank you again for the lovely opportunity to be part of Ziyrab fashion show in London.

Wishing you great success in more future events Enshallah.
– Sahar Madani, Ziryab Fashion Show 2016

I would like to congratulate you on the most colourful and vibrant Fashion Show event that Westfield has ever seen. It was lively, exotic, passionate, exciting and most of all it showcased what the Middle East has to offer. You gave the opportunity for designers at all levels to show case their work, whether on the catwalk or on their stalls. The biggest shopping mall in Europe came to a standstill, as EVERYONE, was transfixed by the amazing productions on the catwalk, set to the musical beats of the East. Most importantly, you have uplifted the image of Arabs showing that they have talent, artists, creativity and most of all that they are normal people, like the rest of humanity, who enjoy fashion, jewellery, design, dressing, music and joy, in spite of the political challenges of their daily lives.  The positive face of the Middle East has been launched, compliments of the Kaftan Festival. THANK YOU.
– Rima Abboushi Director of Chachoulie, Kaftan Festival at Westfield

I would like to congratulate you about the big success of Al kaftan fashion show in the Westfield shopping mall at the 21st of march..
It was a pleasure to me and many people to be there and watch how professional and well organised every single detail was.
I wish to see your foundation moving on from success to another.
– Rahaf Chammas

I would like to say a big thank you for the great event you held in Westfield on Saturday 21/3.
It was very well organised and I was very touched to see the Kuwaiti and UAE flags on the stage, it brought tears to my eyes.
You introduced the Arabic countries and brought a bit of the Arabic culture to London.
It was very nice to show other people that we have talented hard-working designers from fashion to jewellery.
God bless you and looking forward to more of your wonderful events. Well done for your hard work.
– Omayma Kubba from the Iraqi Women’s Association Fund

Mashallah big congratulations Zainab.
It was a spectacular event in Westfield.
I have never seen so many Arab/Islamic stalls in Westfield at the same time, so that was a huge achievement in itself.
Felt proud as a Muslim walking round with such an ambience.
– Nazila Zaim

Thank you Zainab, for having me in your team as a stall holder at your recent event at Westfield.
I really enjoyed working with you and was very happy with it. The show was well organised. Well done!!
– Rubina Kapoor

…I would like to tell you that as for me and since it is the first fashion show for my brand, I am so lucky to do it in London, and especially with you.
You were more than helpful, and I felt that you wanted us all to succeed, and I felt the happiness in your eyes which is something that let us feel as a family.
Zainab, you are very professional and careful at the same time, which is usually rare to find it in one person the night before and the same day of the show, with all the pressure you had.
For me, I am so satisfied, and did not expect better than that.
God bless you, and I wish you all the success, you deserve it.
– May Kazma from Mai Ka