21th March 2013
Our Forum “Arab Women in the Global Economy” took place at the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, London, in March 2013. Those attending heard a variety of expert speakers in the field of global economic affairs. The speakers’ panel highlighted the contributions and achievements of Arab businesswomen in their professional life, and their ability to represent themselves on the world stage at an international level. The forum was followed by a networking lunch, where delegates could meet the speakers and establish contacts for possible future partnerships with other attendees. For the second part of the event, we held the NafNof Fashion Show at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, London. During a seated dinner, guests were treated to a display of exquisite fashions from four top-rated designers from around the Middle East region.


Zari O’ Breesam’s designs is created by its ability in mixing the Arabian Gulf tradition with global fashion trends. All “Zari O’ Breesam” products show style, craftsmanship, quality and sharpness.We believe that all women are beautiful by nature, and we are committed to increase this inborn beauty. As a leading Emirati brand in the Gulf fashion scene, “Zari O’ Breesam” is always ahead in creating different designs with an international point of view, by combining modernity with tradition, and helping the region’s fashion industry to become competitive and of high quality.Within a short time, “Zari O’ Breesam” has created a place for itself in the Gulf fashion region. We operate from Dubai, the colorful and broad-minded place of the Middle East. Designing and production at “Zari O’ Breesam” is done with Efficiency and commitment to Quality.

Country: House of Zari O’ Breesam

is a UAE (Sharjah) based Emirati designer whose interest in fashion design came from her talented mother. She began her professional career in 2008, and is the owner and founder of Sabaa Sanabel Fashion house which means “Seven Seeds” in English. She believes in creating innovative designs for her abayas and appreciates customers’ feedback. Her designs vibrate with multiple inspirations from traditional clothes to a modern design with a pop culture twist and mixing arts from different early culture such as Arabic, Indian, Greek, Egyptian , Moroccan and Japanese. Her innate eye for fashion was enhanced through her experience. She took a big step from drawing to bringing her designs alive. She has participated in numerous shows and exhibitions locally and other GCC countries and international (last year in London). When designing an outfit she insists on seeing her client personally so that she can design the magnificent abaya based on their personality. If you look really close around you in malls and at parties we can assure you that you will spot one or two of her royal designs.

From an early age Ahang was always busy with fashion and artistic designs. At the age of nine she left Iraq (Kurdistan) and fled to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, she attended the ROC in Amsterdam and completed successfully.
During her studies, she was selected by the school to make the telegraph, styling a fashion reportage. She has also had an independent training regularly abroad (Los Angeles in California.) During her internship abroad she was working with leading brands and qualities, and did an internship in one of the greatest World Fashion Center of California. As a result, she gained a lot of experience and has had her horizons broadened. After her studies, said several contracts were offered for television in Kurdistan * Rojeki Nwe: she was announced as one of the first fashion designers of Kurdistan. * Fashion Show: better known as Project Catwalk, this is the first program that delved into the fashion of Kurdistan, where she was partaking as a jury member.


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