19th January 2019


5th Koonoz Fine Art Auction London 2019, is under the patronage of Sheikha Rabaa Khalid Al Ahmed Al Sabah, supported by the Ambassador of Kuwait in London and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps H.E. Khalid Al-Duwaisan and Dalal Al Humaidhi , and Sotheby’s Auctioneers , having Sheikha Dr.Sauad Al Sabah as our guest of honour sharing with us her warm Poem .

Our art collectors and guests joining us from different countries, will give us the pleasure to be next to the artists to uprise them and elevate their artwork to the global market with a global price.

Artworks we presents are recorded memories , moments we cherished , feeling of childhood we hold to, like the smell of bokhour or the sound of palm leaves or maybe the scary moments such as the dark nights. Those moments have came back to us by the brush of the artists filled with his feelings through colour and shapes.

Koonoz was born in the result of my childhood as I was raised in a family that care about art and reading. My parent were the pioneer to think of protecting the important pieces from getting lost.

Koonoz started and will continue to bring pioneer top artist from the local market, hoping to be able to introduce them to the world , through building bridges with the Galleries, auction houses and art lovers .

Thank you for coming hoping to enjoy the night.



Mai Eldib, Sotheby’s Consultant, Cairo, joined Sotheby’s in 2008. Originally based in New York, Ms Eldib worked in both Jewellery and 19th Century Paintings, where she focused on Orientalist art.

In September 2010 Ms Eldib relocated to Cairo where she works as a consultant for Sotheby’s, travelling extensively within the MENA region. Closely collaborating with Sotheby’s London office on all development and promotional initiatives in the Middle East, she is also involved with targeted sales including Contemporary Art: Arab & Iranian, Hurouf: The Art of the Word, and The Orientalist Sale.

Ms Eldib received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from Barnard College, Columbia University in New York in 2008.




Bvlgari Hotel, 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW