21st March 2015

Ziryab Fashion Show – March 2015 The Ziryab Fashion Show is addressed to foreign designers, and brings together the work of a selection of fine fashion designers from the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Latin America, as well as local designers from United Kingdom. The Ziryab Fashion Show was established by W.G.S.F in 2010 to empower Businesswomen through the harmonious environment of artistic creativity. It runs in parallel with International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and Nowruz (the Persian New Year). W.G.S.F offers the public, together with the international press and buyers, the chance to explore work by some of the most innovative young fashion designers from around the world. This show offers designers the opportunity to: Showcase fashion from their region Develop networks in UK and international fashion sectors


Running concurrently to the Ziryab Fashion Show in the main Atrium will be a range of Exhibition stands surrounding the primary runway area. THE ATRIUM is a stunning interior space at the heart of Westfield London, measuring C.1000sqm offers huge scope to host events and large brand experiences. An experienced in-house team and access to event equipment are all available The Atrium also benefits from the balconies above, allowing visibility of the space from all levels. This will feature an exclusive collection of exhibitors, with a focus on modern and traditional goods, business services, and crafts. Westfield London has a superlative reputation for the excellence of its exhibitions and shows, and we are delighted to be working with them to produce an event of the highest quality. Westfield London

Key Statistics

• Sales generated in 2012 close to £1bnAnnual footfall of over 27m people growing 22% since opening

• One of the busiest UK shopping centers

• Positioned on one of the most affluent areas in the UK with a retail spend of £27bn

• Opened October 2008

• 1.6 million square feet of retail and leisure space

• More than 300 retailers including Debenhams, House of Fraser, M&S;, Next and Waitrose

• Over 60 places to eat and drink

• 17 screen state-of-the-art Vue Cinema

• 4,500 parking spaces

• Shoppers can work out in style at Gymbox, choosing from over 100 classes per week

• The Village – unique enclave of over 40 luxury brands

• One of the UK’s best connected malls only 10 minutes from Bond Street by tube

• 25 minutes from Heathrow by car – the world’s busiest international airport

• No.1 ranked shopping Centre in the UK (CACI)

• Served by four Underground stations, over ground, Southern Trains and two bus stations

Facts and Figures

W.G.S.F was established in 2010, to date more than 100 designers from more than 20 countries have been represented. Building on the success of the three previous forums 2011 ‘Emirati-British Business Women’s Forum’ at the Arab British Chamber Of Commerce and Jumaira Carlton Tower, London. 2013 ‘Arab Women in the Global Economy Forum’ at Arab British Chamber Of Commerce and Intercontinental Park Lane. 2014 ‘Women’s Growth & Success Forum’ at Intercontinental Park Lane. 2014 ‘Ziryab Fashion Show’ at Intercontinental Park Lane 2014 ‘Almas jewelry Show’ at Intercontinental Park Lane 2014 ‘Konooz Fine Art Auction’ at Intercontinental Park Lane 2014 ‘Eid Festival’ at Trafalgar Square, The above Forums and Events were supported by the Mayor Of London, Arab British Chamber Of Commerce, Embassies, CCME, Al Watheqa, Arab Banker Association, Bahraini Business Women Society, and support from various international Business Organisations.


Afternoon Tea at the Royal Over-Seas League

Sunday 22nd March 15.00 -18.00
Over-Seas House,
Park Place,
St James’s Street,
London SW1A 1LR



On the afternoon of Sunday 22nd March, we held Afternoon Tea on behalf of all the participants of the Kaftan Festival, and our distinguished guests from the Middle East. There were presentations, given by The Baroness Manzoor CBE, as well as the opportunity to hear from some of our valued guests and sponsors.

Afternoon Tea is a delightful, particularly British phenomenon, enjoyed in the best hotels, private clubs, and British-influenced institutions across the world.


Master Designer: Shurooq Salmeen

Ever since I was young I have been passionate about one thing only; fashion. My name is Aisha Kabital. I am a fashion designer of Dar Al3ash. I began my journey from 2007 starting with simple jalabeyas. I’m only satisfied when I am perfecting my craft. To further refine my technique and creativity I applied in the French Fashion University Esmod.
  From there I began with my business and participated in several exhibitions such as Dubai Bride Show, Gulf Bride Show, and Chic Lady. I also had the opportunity to exhibit in Kuwait and Qatar.
  I aspire to become an international fashion designer. My motto :- If your doing something perfect it
Company name / Brand Name OyoonElzeen
Country: UAE
Mobile: 00971506569119
Instagram: aishakabital
Email: aisha.kabital@gmail.com

loBrand Name : Oyoon Elzeen
Country: Qatar
Mobile: +974 558 07737
Email: am-alhajri@hotmail.com

Designer and founder of La’Beso line for haut couture, her first collection was the Spring / Summer 2012, and since then four collections have been released. “..For me, designing is my own space and work of art, using fabrics and colours to express my mood and state of mind, and I like unique simplicity that brings out the beauty in every woman…”

Brand Name : La’Beso
Country: Saudi Arabia
Mobile: +966 548 68 1019
Email: balkeesitis@gmail.com

loAbout :

My name is faridaalbannai, employee and mother for 5 children. I have started my business 4years ago, that is when I discovered my youngest son illness. I have used fashion to help me to maintain and support me to move forward with my life, as the thinking of my son situation used to drag me backward.

Brand Name: 2sisters
Country: UAE – Dubai
Mobile: +971507154646

I’m a Qatari fashion & Jewellery designer since 2009, Based in Qatar, holding a diploma by CIM in Marketing Management studied at LSBF (London School of Business & Finance).

Brand Name : Atelier Black Velvet
Country: Qatar
Mobile: +974 55650551
Tel : +974 44550987
instagram.com/atelierblackvelvet /
Email: atelierblackvelvet@gmail.com

Struggling to find apparel that was both modest and elegant, the Interior Architect May Kazma founded Mai Ka as a brand that embodies its slogan: “Modesty is the key to elegance.”
Brand Name : Mai Ka
Country: Lebanon
Mobile: +961-1-820072
Tel : +961-76-860096
instagram.com/maikaboutique /
Email: maykazma@gmail.com


Palestinian Designer Nadya Hazboun created a line of Fashionable clothing & Handmade Olive wood accessories inspired by the Palestinian reality, digging into Palestinian heritage, craftsmanship, culture and literature for messages fashionably expressed through her work, making calligraphy & the Arabic language a prominent signature complementing her design. Beautifully crafted olivewood jewelry is decorated with laser engraved symbols and writings. Her brand was launched in 2012 in Bethlehem./ Palestine and now features a Designer show room in the proximity of the Nativity Church and a Designer Atelier.

Brand Name : NH Fashion & Olive wood Jewellery
Country: Palestine
Mobile: +972595187663
Tel : +420721700183
Email: nadya@nadyah.com

“The Kuwaiti Fashion Designer Shurooq Salmeen, combines simple concepts with sophisticated designs and as she draws with a deep artistic talent, and a strong passion, she brings up a new level of excellence in the fashion industry. The creative and gentle touch at her fingertips impresses who ever view her work. Shurooq began her career in fashion design in 2002. Previously, she studied computer science, industrial management and interior design. She chose to name her fashion label “Sash” after the ribbon worn around the waist by beauty queens. “Sash” also contains the first letter of her name. ” Brand Name : SHAS
Country: Kuwait
Mobile: +96599005900
Tel : +96599115900
Email: shurooqsalmeen@gmail.com

loAbout: …………….
Brand Name:  Anniesa Fashion
Country : UK
Mobile: +44 7866413160
Tel: …………….
facebook.com/anniesa Fashion
Email: usya_soeharjono@hotmail.co.uk
Website:  www.anniesafashion.com

Zaeem Jamal is the British rising star red carpet fashion designer, known for his beautiful gowns, dresses, bridal wear and kaftans from the flagship store on Kings Road in Chelsea here in London. Be it through the inspiration of the Ancient Egyptians, with their exquisite knowledge of form and dimension eloquently applied in his ‘Egyptian’ collection, or in the flare, power and passion of his latest ‘Mayan’ collection – Zaeem seeks to awaken the highest and best in our ancestral memory through shapes, colours, contours and symbols, interwoven with feeling and sensuality. Zaeem explains the desire for his silks to ‘feel as soft as air, and the garments to flow like a gentle breeze, to enhance the wearer’s aura with a soft, radiant feeling of sensuality, warmth and joy.

Brand Name : Zaeem Jamal 
Country: UK 
Mobile: 07514501985 (Charlotte’s)
Tel : 02071002072
instagram: @zaeemjamal
Email: charlotte@zaeemjamal.com
Website: www.zaeemjamal.com

Master Exhibitors



I’m a jewelry designer with a special touch of antique in Islamic designs.
Brand Name: EB Jewelry
Mobile: +966505684620
Tel: +966126993319
Email: eman.benjabi@hotmail.com



Gooshwa is a saying to indicate that something is a Perfect fit, looks amazing, gorgeous & has a wow factor.
Brand Name: Gooshwa
Country: uk
Mobile: 07770805091
Tel: 07770805091
Email: gooshwa@gmail.com



RashaAlKhaldi from Qatar, an Abbaya Designer, holding a Bachelor degree in International Business Management. When I started working in the International relationships, I sensed a great need for the Arab women’s attire to receive recognition at a global level. Hence, I launched my business “Rasha design” in 2012. My design reflects elegance, glamour and gives each woman a sense of pride.”
Country: Qatar
Brand Name: Rasha Design
Mobile: +97433131984
Instagram.com/ Rasha_designs
Email: rasha-aldawood@hotmail.com

yourself: Rubina Kapoor announced her arrival in the fashion world at London fashion week 2013. She offers accessories that perk up the definition of style for women. A small ensemble of creativity with a rare mix of luxury and sophistication. Color, the essence of life , is the focus of rubina’s ensemble of fur and lace shawls and semi precious stones Jewellery.
Brand Name : Rubina Kapoor LTD.
Country: united kingdom
Mobile: +44 7957220299
Tel: +44 2088669300
Instagram.com/rubina Kapoor
Email: rubinakapoor29@gmail.com
Website: www.rubinakapoor.com


Attia Shiraz jewellery draws inspiration by all women’s exotic formation and colours. She incorporates unique and colourful gemstones to contrast against gold-plated surfaces. This combined with traditional craftsmanship influenced from the Mughal period, Attia delivers luxurious jewellery to celebrate women.
Country: London, England
Mobile: +44 7852 821 272
Email: Info@attiashiraz.com
Website: www.attiashiraz.com


About: Baidans Homes & Living Property Services Country: Uk
Brand Name: Baidans
Mobile: +44 7885 524 852
TMobile: +44 7404 062 214
Email: info@baidans.com
Website: www.baidans.com

mimi g is a London-based jewellery designer. mimi g aspires to create signature contemporary pieces with an Eastern allure. Each hand-crafted exclusive piece is either sterling silver-plated or gold–plated, and uses the finest cultured pearl, semi-precious stones, crystals and beading.
The mimi g charms collection is based on timelessly elegant charms influenced by nature, folklore, nostalgia, poetry and theology.
The mimi g poetry collection is inspired by romance from a bygone era portraying beautifully scripted poetic verses from great Arab poets.
Whether it is classic and chic or quirky and quaint that you are looking for, mimi g has the perfect trinket for you.

Brand Name: mimi g
Country: ENGLAND, UK
Tel: 0208 330 9051
Mobile: 07946605089
Instagram: mimigjewels
Email: m.mahir@mimig.co.uk
Website: www.mimig.co.uk

Events Organiser Bespoke parties for children and Private Events/Parties
Brand Name: Rheas Elite Events
Country: UK
Tel: 07855387054
Mobile: 078558387054
Facebook: Rheas Elite Events
Instagram: rheasevents
Email: riea@hotmail.co.uk
Website: www.rheaseliteevents/com www.rieasevents.co.uk

Hakeeki is a new and up-coming brand which is aiming to get our customers in touch with their individuality. Each of our jewellery item is carefully hand-crafted by the most experienced Turkish craftsmen and their attention to detail results in the production of exclusive pieces, especially designed for our customers. Hakeeki scarves are a result of a similar process where our graphic stylists collate together a unique combination of designs which are only available at Hakeeki, London. Influenced by the Kilim and Suzani material used in our shoes, our printed scarves are most definitely likely to encourage our customers to rediscover their sense of style
Brand Name: Hakeeki London
Country: UK
Tel: 07792752743
Mobile: 07792752743
Facebook: Hakeeki London
Instagram: hakeekilondon
Email: info@hakeeki.com
Website: www.hakeeki.com

Yaffa is a UK company promoting Palestinian products. We source our products from the occupied Palestinian territories and are continually increasing the product range. With the Palestinian farmers always in mind, our company increases trade links between Palestine and the UK and Europe, helping the Palestinian economy to thrive. Through this website you can order individual items or you can contact us for wholesale purchases. We are always keen to hear from local distributors and retailers who would like to promote our products and play a part in this exciting project. Here at Yaffa we take pride in saying that we bring you Palestinian produce of the highest quality.
Brand Name: Yaffa Limited
Country: United Kingdom
Tel: 0114 2333523
Mobile: 07943439872
Email: Info@yaffa.co.uk
Website: www.yaffa.co.uk

Anniesa’s passion for fashion developed quickly with the rapid growth of the family business. Her husband, Andika Surachman founded what has become Indonesia’s largest Islamic pilgrimage operator. Naturally, she became a face for the brand and – to keep a standard of representation she could be proud of – she designs many of her own work and formal outfits. With the admiration and encouragement of their clients and friends, she opened a boutique to make her designs available to everyone.
Brand name: Anniesa Fashion
Country: Indonesia

Noelli’s treats each client equally special whether their order is the biggest or the smallest. That’s how we built a large and loyal clientele.
Company name / Brand Name: Noelli’s
Country:  UK
Mobile: 07977146349
Tel: 01895630815
Facebook:  Noelli’s
Email: Shereen@noellis.com or selwa@noellis.com
Website: www.noellis.com

  CHACHOULIE brings to you handmade accessories that are designed and made in London using the fabrics of Palestine. 
  The aim is to breathe life back into the embroidery and kuffiyehs (black and white male headdress) of Palestine and bring them to a world audience by mixing craft, creation and imagination. Pieces of hand stitched Palestinian embroidery, often vintage, are transformed into exclusive limited edition accessories and the light cotton of the Kuffiyeh is viewed as a versatile fabric that lends itself well to today’s fashions and tastes. 
  I have combined these fabrics with Western jewellery components and haberdashery to present to you unusual new ideas. The pieces that have utilised embroidery are made around the existing design of the embroidery. The size, colour and shape of the piece dictates the style and use of the final creation. I view each fragment as a unique work of art. I share the artistic stage with the anonymous embroiderer. With great regard to this, I cut into the stitches with care and waste nothing. Since the embroidery is hand stitched, absolute symmetry is not always achieved and items cannot always be repeated.
Company name / Brand Name: CHACHOULIE
Country: UAE
Mobile: 07758-967-465
Tel: 020-343-1062
Email: Rima@chachoulie.com
Website: www.chachoulie.com


Brand Name: Spirit Of Amber
Company Name:Spirit : Spirit Of Amber
Country: kingston upon thames kt1 1st
Tel: +44 20 3086 8386
Mobile: +44 7850 367424
Email: info@spiritofamber.com
Website: www.spiritofamber.com


Malaikadanceunique is a Kenyan Traditional Company based in the UK that deals, promote and preserve the African/Kenya culture, tradition and ways of life. We entertain and celebrates every event that brings people or community together while learning and enjoying the culture.
Brand Name: Malaika Dance Unique
Country: Britain/Kenya
Mobile: 07853207075
Tel: 07853207075
Email: u.malaika@yahoo.com
Website: www.malaikadanceunique.com

Absolute Bollywood is a full service Bollywood entertainment company based in London providing world class Bollywood dance entertainment and education. Their specialised team of professional dancers have years of experience entertaining audiences all over the world and can help anyone with their dancing needs, whatever the level! Moreover the team’s extensive industry knowledge makes them the perfect addition to your wedding, hen night, team workshop, corporate event or other special occasion. Absolute Bollywood run weekly dance classes in Central London at renowned studios Danceworks and Pineapple.
Brand Name: Absolute Bollywood
Country: London, UK
Mobile: 07887387387
Tel: 07887387387
facebook: Absolute Bollywood
Instagram: @absolutebolly
Email: info@absolutebollywood.co.uk
Website: www.absolutebollywood.co.uk

Make-Up Artist

Brand Name: Jawaad Ashraf Hair and Make Up Artist
Mobile: 07958060818
Email: info@jawaadashraf.com
Website: www.jawaadashraf.com

26th September 2015