2nd Konooz Fine Art Auction 26th September 2015


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     April 1, 2015

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Almas Jewellery Show and Konooz Fine Art Auction

Following the success of the first Almas Jewellery Show and Konooz Fine Art Auction, our intention this year is to repeat the success of those events, this time holding it for one day on Saturday 26th September at the distinguished Dorchester Hotel in the heart of London, with the intention this year being to expand and promote the position and concept of women through the exchange of art, jewellery, an original painting exhibition, as well as a fine arts auction. The event will be held from 11am until 8pm. The world-renowned and currently the world’s largest art business and fine arts auction house Christie’s of London will provide us with their professional auctioneer to oversee the bidding at the event. Unique artists from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UK, Morocco, are to be joining us this year along with various charities of whom will be raising funds for great causes, backing up their mission of supporting and empowering women all around the globe.


We are proud to be working in partnership with both Christie’s of London and InterCraft Gallery (UAE) as well as Jewellery designers from the Middle East, the Far East, the UK and Africa of whom have the passion, drive, will and expertise to be a part of our event. They will have the opportunity to dress high-end fashion designers’ models throughout the event, with their sparkling diamonds and gold to demonstrate why they are truly leaders and pioneers within their respective fields.

Target Audience

This single day event is a private, exclusive and unique jewellery show, integrating jewellery with fashion, as well as a fine art auction and art exhibition. We are expecting to attract a cosmopolitan audience comprising of but not limited to leading figures from governmental and non-governmental organizations, diplomats along with their staff, representatives in all areas of economic development, established business leaders as well as UK business leaders in developing business, private bankers, educational institutes, and distinguished public figures such as Lords and Baronesses along with all manner of very prestigious guests and VIPs.

The aim of this event

Our aim is to highlight the potential held by designers and artists in the current global business environment, as well as to build relationships with ambitious talents via the Exchange of Art, develop harmony and concord, and business relationships through professional consultants; all of which will lead to and ease the business plans for participating clients. Furthermore our aim is to bring an awareness of the issues faced by those already at the forefront of these endeavors and how to overcome said obstacles. Our desire is to build bridges between the exceptionally talented community of International jewellery and fashion designers/artists and the global market, through London; the capital of culture.

Highlights of the event:
  • - The Almas Jewellery Show and Konooz Fine Art Auction will be held on 26th Sept 2015 at The Dorchester, London, UK, from 11:00am-8:00pm.
    - The Konooz Fine Art Auction will be held in The historical room at the Holford 3:00pm.
    - The auction will be controlled by Christie’s, the name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international glamour.


Konooz Fine Art - Artists Booklet

Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan
Alyazia drew the contours of her artistic career at an early age, adopting a unique approach in her paintings which are characterized by cultural reflections joined by canvas transformations. In 2014 Alyazia was presented with the international emerging artist honorary award for her work 'Carrom Station.'

She has participated in art exhibitions and events, like: the “Emirati Expressions” exhibition in Abu Dhabi, the “Fine Arts” exhibition of Abu Dhabi Business Women Council in 2011. Her works were featured in “Art Dubai” and “Abu Dhabi Art” fairs. Other participations include the “Two Generations” exhibition, by the Al Jidar Group in Dubai, 2012; the European art fair in Budapest, Hungary 2014, Armani exhibition “Art in the UAE” 2014 and World Art Dubai in 2015. While her first solo art exhibition was in 2011, entitled “Dialogue,” at the ARTSPACE Gallery in Dubai.

Website: http://www.alyazianahyan.com
Ala Bashir
lo Biography:
Born in Iraq , 1939 Attended Institute of Fine Art in Baghdad –Iraq Fellow of Royal college of Surgeon, Edinburgh- UK

Membership Member of society of Artists Nottingham-UK Member of Trentside group Nottingham-UK Member of Iraqi fine art association- Supported by Art council of England

Ehsan Al Khateeb
lo Biography:
Ehsan Al Khateeb, having been honoured twice at the Emirates Fine Art Society on their anniversary occasions, Ihsan al-Khatib had key involvement in the International Craft Gallery - the first gallery in the Emirate of Sharjah established in 1984 - and his affiliations with pioneer artists across the gulf, particularly with thriving female artist communities.

A connoisseur of creativity, his experience covers participation in over 150 exhibitions in addition to judging several competitions across the globe.
Fathma Al Hamade
lo Biography:
Fathma Al Hamade, well established artist from the UAE, graduated in 1994, from the UAE university, participated in more than 25 national exhibitions ,and member of number of organisations.

2014, she entered the Ginness Book of record, the longest participation fee panel murals(Graffiti).

Taken in her artwork individual style, it depends on Arabic letter formation.
Hayder Alqassam
lo Biography:
Nationality: Iraq, born in U.A.E.
-Fine Art Diploma 2003.
-A member of Emirates Fine Arts Society 2004.
-A member of the Iraqi association of fine arts 2009.
...Participated in many exhibitions in U.A.E and Iraq, 16 group exhibitions and 5 solo exhibitions. Got many appreciation certificates in iraq and U.A.E.
Iman Al Kareme
Iman AlKareme, graduated from the college of fine art/Baghdad, lecturers at A U T , emirates Free Hand College of Architecture. Participated in number of exhibitions nationally and internationally.
Kamal Hasan
lo Biography:
Kamal Hasan was born in Damascus 15 May 1973. He has grown up in Tartous city among a family consisted of 7 persons: mother, two daughters and four sons.

His artistic talent has appeared since his early childhood. When he was at the elementary school, his teachers noticed his talent in painting so they encouraged and took care of him. He continued his artistic life among his paintings during his study at school. He painted nature, Orientals, silent nature ,expressive and abstractive art and portrayed a lot of characters. After finishing his secondary school, he studied at The Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus.

The artist has held an exhibition in Istanbul in Pera Art Gallery in 2010 and he participated with many paintings in Art house Gallery in Dubai.
Khawla Darwish
Khawla Darwish graduated from Zayed University (Dubai), College of Art and Design. She also received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Kindergarten Studies at the College of Education. Most of her work addresses the culture in which she was born and raised through a contemporary and modern style.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai granted the title official ambassador of art for the DubaiExpo2020 to artist Khawla Darwish.

Khawla has shown her art in many exhibitions throughout her career, most notably at the 53rd edition of the Venice Biennale in 2009. She took part in a residency programme at Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, which culminated in an exhibition. Khawla has been a key participant in Sikka Art Fair in Dubai. She also participated in Art Dubai as part of the pop up initiative “DXB STORE” and part of the Art Educatoin Program from the Cultural Office of Her Highness Sheikha Manal Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Khawla is a member of Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation and also delivers workshops to children, most recently the workshop delivered to orphan children at Dar Al Ber Society as part of Abu Dhabi Festival.
Mona Al Khaja
Emirati artist Mona Al Khaja has participated in international art exhibitions to showcase her interpretations of fine art. Al Khaja insists that by using a bundle of tools, she can augment layer upon layer of meaning.

Never content to employ just one technique, the UAE artist uses number of handy ingredients such as brushes, rollers and razors. The fine artist has exhibited her art globally, in countries and cities which include, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Oman, Cairo, Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain, India, Germany, Japan, France, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Khaja studied fine art in Egypt and has been painting since she was a child. She was highly motivated by her art teacher, who used to display artwork on the school signboard. Mona’s father inspired her to persevere, and provided her with all the tools and material she needed to become an artist.
Nadia Azzam
lo Biography:
I worked with both, classic and modern calligraphy styles and implements the different techniques to bring out different forms, I studied different methods of Arabic Calligraphy.

I tried to add modern element to the traditional calligraphy and also focus on modern abstract.
Najat Baki
Najat Baki, iraqi artist born 1935. She was trained by her teachers Jawad Salim and khalid Al Jader.

She participated nationally and internationally exhibitions.
Nassima Abu Hassan
Nassima Abu Hassan, well known artist from Lebanon, she was honored by Emirates Fine Art Association, she participated in number of national exhibitions
Salim Al Junibi
I’m Busy with the cause of human and association with the place, and the vision of universe.

I am asking question and feeling the suffering , I am also in the midst of it ,looking for the self and the technical patter that could be my comfort zone.
Saoud Al Dhahri
lo Biography:
Emirati artist Saoud Saeed Al Dhahri from Al Ain, was attracted to art from an early age. Doodling and sketching seemed to flow naturally from Saoud and continued to fascinate him throughout his education.

Growing up, he discovered he had an instinctive affinity for photography, which allowed him to explore further depths of human expression. With his sharp eye for detail and form, he joined HCT photography club, then Sharjah ‘Emirates Photography Society’. This enabled him to hone his skills with a camera and participate in group events and outings.

At the present time, Saoud is focusing his eye on a combination of photography, digital art and mixed media to explore the expression and breadth of his art. With these skills, Saoud leads us to share his conceptual and instinctive vision of the world - through the play of colour, vibrancy and dimension.

‘’ I use my photography to visualise and express my own experiences on a daily basis. I love getting involved in the flourishing art scene in UAE. Getting inspired, then learning new techniques and participating in group exhibitions is always fun......’’
Suhaila Alnajdi
lo Biography:
BS in Fine Arts, Hill wan University, Egypt. Kuwait Society for Fine Arts Membership. Participation in many art exhibitions inside and outside Kuwait (1999-2015).

Prize: - Essa Sager Prize,2004.2014 - The State Prize for Fine Arts 2006 - The Golden Dana 2ooo

Acquisition: Amiri Diwan, The National Council for Culture and Art , Culture Center Al Sharjah,
Talib Bagdade
lo Biography:
Dr. Talib Al Bahgdade art collector, and The Lady portrait by Hafith Al Droubi is one of his collection.

Hafith AlDroubi was born in Baghdad in 1914, Hafidh Al Droubi made several important contributions to the history of modern art in Iraq, including the establishment of Baghdad’s first free atelier in 1942 and the 1953 founding of the artist collective, The Impressionists. Dedicated to art education more so than a particular style or mode of working, the Impressionists encompassed artists practicing in a variety of styles and techniques.
Wadah Mahdi
Wade Mahdi, Well known Artist, he has his individual style in artwork, he shows the landmark technical like minotaur.


Alsheikha Alyazia Al-Nahyan
Ala Bashir
Amir Al Obaidy
Mrs. Asma Al-Mana
E'shtar Jamil Hamoudi
Fareshta Albastaki
Fatima Al Hamade
Hafeth Al Drobi
Hassan Abd Alwan
Hayder Al Qassam
Ms. Hend Al Muttawa
Mr. Hussamaddin Habib
Ihsan Al-Khateeb
Iman Alkarimi
Kamal Habib Hasan
Khalid Al Rahal
Khawla Darwish
Laila Jaber
Mahmood Hassan
Mohammed Fahmi
Mona Al Khaja
Muhanad Al-Sameer
Nadia Azzam
Najat Baki
Dr. Najat Maki
Nassima Abul Hassan
Noori Al Rawi
Reyad Matooq
Salem Al Junibi
Saoud Al Dhahri
Star Darwish
Suhaila Al Najdi
Summaya Alrais
Mr. Talib Al Baghdady
Wadhah Mahdi
Wedad Al Orfaly


AMAR Foundation
The AMAR Foundation is a charity based in London which is providing sustainable healthcare and education services in the Middle East. AMAR has been one of the leading NGOs working throughout Iraq in response to the recent invasion of I.S. and the resulting humanitarian crisis which has affected millions of innocent men, women and children. AMAR is providing emergency healthcare, training and essential supplies to hundreds of thousands of families who have suffered, helping them to rebuild their lives and rebuild their communities.
Website: www.amarfoundation.org
International action for Iraqi Refugees (IAIR) is an independent charity based in London; registered with the Charity commission in April '08, working to alleviate pain and suffering of displaced Iraqis inside Iraq and neighbouring countries. It sponsors orphans and students school fees. Millions more need help. IAIR is independent, receives no help from any government. Run by volunteers.
Iraqi Women Association Fund

In this day and time, Iraqi women and children are in need for the most basic human necessities. We at IWAF endeavour to help the most vulnerable victims and needy in Iraq regardless of their ethnicity, religion or background. we provide assistance in medical, public health, housing and education where possible. We believe that together we can make a difference in people's lives. This is the writing the above charity :Iraqi Women Association Funds.
Syria Relief
Syria Relief aims to develop and maintain a broad base of different sources of funding whilst following the guidelines suggested by the Fundraising Standards Board and the Institute of Fundraising. Syria Relief is specialist in implementing projects on the ground, Syria Relief team is striving to provide: medical aid and care, psychological help, education, emergency aid, winterisation kits, coal and stoves, food & shelter to hundreds and thousands of people in need. Syria Relief has also grown into a well-known name in coordination and representation of Syrian NGOs within the humanitarian response architecture in Turkey. This visibility has built respect within both INGO and SNGO circles, and also allowed better access to potential organisational and institutional funders. Syria Relief currently sits on the Steering Committee of both the Syrian NGO Alliance and the NGO Forum in Turkey and has represented both at regional meetings for the response. In the short space of time Syria Relief has established its reputation as a trusted and efficient humanitarian aid delivery team on the ground and has a proven track record of highest level of transparency and feedback.
Website: www.syriarelief.org.uk
United Activists For Peace and Humanity
We are a group of women activists we aim to enable Middle East women, because we believe that without education and awareness of women and empowerment we can not achieve a bright future for successful women in this world.
Website: www.uaph.co.uk
Vital Voices
Vital Voices invests in women leaders who improve the world. We search the world for a woman leader with a daring vision. Then we partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, we accelerate her efforts. The VV GROW Fellowship Program is a highly competitive one-year accelerator program that works with women business owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a high potential for growth to take their businesses and leadership to the next level. The fellowship is a comprehensive program that empowers women business owners to create an actionable business plan, and provides them with opportunities, services, and connections that help them grow their businesses. The program guides fellows to reflect on and enhance their leadership skills as business and community leaders, with a particular focus on reinvesting in their communities and beyond. Funds raised through the auction will support VV GROW Fellows throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
Website: www.vitalvoices.org
World Wide Welfare provides humanitarian assistance such as food and non food items, sustainable cash assistance, health care and education to orphans, their families and the needy in several countries in the world and especially Iraq where the number of orphans is more than 5 million, the number of widows is more than one million and the number of disabled is exceeding a million. The charity’s main purpose is to undertake sustainable projects that make a better life for the unlucky one’s and give them back their right to live in dignity and have a better future for their children.
Website: www.worldwidewelfare.org

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